Barbara Van Nostern



    I have had a lifelong fascination with color and its ability to stimulate emotional responses in me.  I love the bright, clear colors in a joyous floral or a fun loving figure painting.   Cool muted delicate colors fill me with peacefulness.  Whatever color, bright, neutral, bold, muted, warm, cool, transparent, opaque and the varying combinations should wake a response in the viewer also.


    When I discovered watercolor, there was instant passion; color, in all its infinite change was at my brush tip.  It was exciting to watch as the paint and water mingled together on my paper.  With my brush I gently coax them here or there; but in the end the colors emerge into a variety of patterns and values that surprise and delight me.  It is like orchestrating new and different symphonies as the colors and water make music.  Enjoy! 

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