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I was born in Athens Greece in 1964. I have been interested in painting since I was a little girl and used to draw on every piece of paper that I could find. My busy schedule as a wife and mother of two boys kept me from pursuing my dream until 2006. Although I remain primarily self-taught, to refine my skills I have attended workshops in Greece and abroad led by professional artists. 

I am mainly a still life and floral painter. I respond to what catches my eyes and heart using color. I am constantly obsessing over colors and I find myself spellbound by the play of light while strikes objects and creates luminous reflections. I enjoy depicting the movement and illusion of water. Pebbles, glass marbles, shells, toys, flowers are also favorite subjects. My goal is to invite viewers to explore the secret world of these objects and the sacraments they behold. Combining light and dark flavoring with brilliant colors gives an eye-popping sense to my usually small in size paintings. My goal is to make them noticed and admired among large ones. 

I am a pastelist by preference and I loved this medium from the moment I picked up my first pastel. It is a magical medium that reflects light in such way that the painting's surface emits a glow. As an artist I feel an irresistible attraction towards realism. My passion is in the details. I love painting close-ups and my need to depict the chosen subject with great precision seduces me into a constant battle to mastering new skills of realism. With every work come a progression and a maturation. I create my work in my studio at home rather than "en plein air".


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